Introductory Econometrics

CPS Video

In the Basic Tools section of the book, we included a detailed and lengthy explanation of how to download data from the Current Population Survey using the Data Ferrett application in the file CPS.doc. "Detailed and lengthy" are code for boring. Below is a movie version broken up into steps designed to help you access and use CPS data. We think it is more exciting. Enjoy.

The files are large, from 1MB to 3 MBs, and will be handled differently by different browsers. The most common result from clicking on the link will be that a movie player (such Windows Media Player) pops up and the file begins to download. As it is buffered, you will begin to see the video. After you view the video and return to your web browser, you may need to hit the back button to return to this page. If clicking on the file does not start a movie, you may need to first download the file to your computer by right-clicking on it and choosing to "Save link to..", and then open the file once it is downloaded. Right now, we are experimenting with different file types. Let us know if you have comments.

Step1: ObtainingDataFerrett (wmv file; 1 minute)

Step 2: Starting DataFerrett and Accessing the CPS (wmv file; 1.5 minutes)

Step 3: Downloading Specific Variables (wmv file; 3 minutes)

Step 3: Downloading Specific Variables (same file as above but in avi format--9 MB!)

Step 3:Downloading Specific Variables (QuickTime .mov file)

Step 3: Downloading Specific Variables (QuickTime .mov file, smaller format--hard to read!)