Introductory Econometrics

Excel Add-Ins

This book comes with a set of powerful Excel add-ins that extend the functionality of Excel. We have decided to share these add-ins with you and ask only that you properly credit and cite our work.

We believe our Excel add-ins are excellent teaching tools and can enhance research projects. We are interested in your applications of our add-ins so please let us know how you use our add-ins.

Each add-in's documentation is stamped with the following warning:

"This software was written and designed for teaching purposes. It has been tested on several examples, but not on a wide variety of datasets. For mission critical projects, always check the results with full-fledged statistical programs."

We are quite serious about this. We are well aware of the statistical deficiencies of Excel (and we explain in the book why we went ahead and chose Excel anyway) and we are not commercial, professional software developers. Proceed at your own risk.

To download, click on an add-in in the menu list. We suggest downloading the installation instructions file first so you can see what the add-in does and how it works. Please note that add-ins should never be directly opened, but must be properly installed. Warning: When you download an add-in, make sure that you save it as an ".xla" file. Internet Explorer often changes the file extension to ".xls".