A Profit Maximization Problem

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An Excel workbook called ProfitMax.xls provides a simple example of how to use Solver and the Comparative Statics Wizard.

The Comparative Statics Wizard is an Excel add-in that walks the user through a series of steps in order to conduct comparative statics analysis. The files below use the Comparative Statics Wizard. The profit maximization problem is used as an example. The Comparative Statics Wizard is extremely flexible -- any problem solved by Excel's Solver can be run through the Wizard to get comparative statics analyses.



Click on the link below to download the Excel file. The file should automatically launch Excel which then opens the file, but you may have to open the file manually. If your browser opens the file WITHIN the browser (as a plug-in), go back and right-click to download the file to your hard drive.

You will need Excel97 or greater in order to use these materials. Windows or MacOS can be used.

The Comparative Statics Wizard add-in must be properly installed. For complete instructions on downloading and installing the Comparative Statics Wizard add-in, please go to www.wabash.edu/econexcel/compstatics/download.


Available File

ProfitMax.xls -- an Excel workbook that describes the problem and invites the user to apply Solver and the CSWiz.


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