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The Economics Department at Wabash College makes extensive use of Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic. Below are some of the projects that we have developed.

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HOTResources.xls (click to download)


Supporting Excel workbook for "The ABCS of HOT" paper, includes links for books, syllabi, and other HOT resources. The paper provides resources—sample syllabi, information on texts, and advice on HOT course construction—for the non-historian of economics. A working paper version is available at SSRN: History of Economics


The Economic Approach with Microsoft Excel


A series of Excel workbooks that comprise a 1/2 semester sophomore-level course on optimization, equilibrium, and comparative statics.

Teaching Comparative Statics with the Comparative Statics Wizard Add-in


Comparative statics analysis using the Excel-based Comparative Statics Wizard add-in. A set of example applications are included. This link goes to DePauw University, where Dr. Barreto is now teaching.


Macroeconomics with Microsoft Excel


Excel workbooks for an undergraduate Intermediate Macro course. Files that demonstrate the Solow Growth Model are available as an example.


Econometrics with Microsoft Excel


Textbook using Microsoft Excel and Monte Carlo simulation to teach introductory econometrics.

Several Excel add-ins available, including: Bootstrap, Dummy Dependent Variable (Probit and Logit) with Excel's Solver and without (using a Gauss Newton algorithm), Monte Carlo simulation, Monte Carlo simulation with Solver, P Value Calculator, Histogram, and Regression.

Least Median of Squares and Regression Through the Origin

Barreto and Maharry

Explains LMS regression, in general, and focuses on LMS with a zero intercept. Shows that the popular PROGRESS code won't work with the intercept suppressed and offers an exact algorithm for the bivariate case (y = mx).

Box Model.xls

Right-click the link above and Save Target As or Download Link to your hard drive, then open the file from Excel.


Finds exact probability histogram for various chance processes and does Monte Carlo simulation.





Right-click the links above and Save Target As or Download Link to your hard drive, then open the file from Excel for the .xls files and Word for the .doc file.


Worksheets with Monte Carlo simulations of saving for retirement (Retirment.xls) and the growth of a portfolio invested in stocks and the risk-free asset (StockSimulations.xls). Also, a Word document (NestEggTalk.doc) describing and applying these simulations. The Word document is a preliminary version, which needs some editing.

Last updated: 18 October 2001

Just For Fun

Baseball Monte Carlo Simulation

Right-click the link above and Save Target As or Download Link to your hard drive, then open the file from Excel. Baseball.xls is a 250K Excel workbook.


How many wins is a 0.350 hitter worth? Where should the best hitter bat? How about power hitters--how many wins do they get you? Play thousands of games (fast) to answer these questions.

Football Economics

Download the 46MB zipped file by clicking the link above. Extract all files, then open FootballEconomics.ppt. View the slide show--links from ppt open the other files. (Do not run the ppt from the zipped file, you must extract the files first for the links to work.)


Why do teams pass more in the Modern Era? Why do left tackles make so much money?

Data on NFL teams from 1970-2005 and on player salaries for the 2005 season.


Additional Resources a free portal for links to Excel and VBA

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