Sphinx Club Alumni

If you are a Sphinx Club alumnus, please email me with your graduation year, living unit, email address, and web page address. You may also include a short narrative about yourself.  A complete list of all members since 1921 can be found here.  A listing of all honorary members can be found here.  Please e-mail me if you find any mistakes.  This list was carefully compiled from our records and past yearbooks but still contains a few omissions and/or spelling errors. 

Recent Alumni

Class of 2010

Chad Sorenson (Beta Theta Pi)
Will Hoffman (Beta Theta Pi)*
Kevin Long (Beta Theta Pi)
Daniel King (Beta Theta Pi)
Bobby Ritz (Beta Theta Pi)
Elliot Allen (Delta Tau Delta)
Marcus Manges (Delta Tau Delta)
Steve Popovich (Delta Tau Delta)
Colin Ridenour (Delta Tau Delta)
Chuck Summers (Delta Tau Delta)
Elijah Sanders (Delta Tau Delta)
Brad Jones (Delta Tau Delta)
Jeff Kessels (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Kyle Rush (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Kevin Andrews (Phi Gamma Delta)
Craig Cochran (Phi Gamma Delta)
John Henry (Phi Gamma Delta)
Will Finney (Phi Kappa Psi)
John Dewart (Sigma Chi)
Denver Wade (Independent)
Emanuel Harper (Independent)

Class of 2009

Class of 2008

Wes Anderson (Phi Delta Theta)

Will Arvin (Delta Tau Delta)

Robert Boarman (Delta Tau Delta)

Larryjoe Brown (Kappa Sigma)

Andy Dieg (Delta Tau Delta)

Eric Eder (Tau Kappa Epsilon)

Mark Ellis (Lambda Chi Alpha)

Chad Finley (Beta Theta Pi)

Justin Gardiner (Sigma Chi)

Jason Gray (Phi Kappa Psi)

Barron Hewetson (Beta Theta Pi)

Miles Johnson (Sigma Chi)

Mike Karam (Lambda Chi Alpha)

John Kasey (Phi Gamma Delta)

Ryan Leagre (Sigma Chi)

Jack Martin (Sigma Chi)

Kyle McClammer (Beta Theta Pi)

Krishna Meibalane (Phi Gamma Delta)

Alex Nolan (Independent)

Kyle O’Keefe (Theta Delta Chi)

Jeremy Paul (Lambda Chi Alpha)

Adrian Pynenberg (Lambda Chi Alpha)

Andrew Rodenbarger (Beta Theta Pi)*

Chris Serak (Delta Tau Delta)

Jason Siegel (Lambda Chi Alpha)

Kyle Trusgnich (Beta Theta Pi)

Homer L. Twigg, IV (Kappa Sigma)

Class of 2007

Andrew Brown (Delta Tau Delta)
Tony Caldwell (Phi Kappa Psi)
Josh Coons (Beta Theta Pi)
Ross Dillard (Beta Theta Pi)
Daniel Fox (Beta Theta Pi)
Ben Froedge (Beta Theta Pi)
Scott Hamilton (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Matt Kanter (Delta Tau Delta)
Jacob Lundorf (Phi Kappa Psi)
Josh Owens (Beta Theta Pi)
C.I. Shelton (Phi Gamma Delta)
Daniel Shirey (Delta Tau Delta)
Ben Tritle (Beta Theta Pi)
Robert Van Kirk (Delta Tau Delta)*
John Zuber (Kappa Sigma)

Class of 2006

Doug Berry (Delta Tau Delta)*
Chris Bly (Phi Kappa Psi)
Jared Bogan (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Mike Brickman (Phi Kappa Psi)
Marty Brown (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Aaron Cook (Tau Kappa Epsilon)
Matt Dudevoir (Sigma Chi)
Kimmer Graham (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Nick Hunter (Phi Kappa Psi)
Jake Koeneman (Delta Tau Delta)
John Maddox (Phi Delta Theta)
Joe Martin (Sigma Chi)
Fran Raycroft (Sigma Chi)
Thomas Rice (Kappa Sigma)
Matt Ripley (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Aaron Selby (Beta Theta Pi)
Cory Shafer (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Pete Wagner (Sigma Chi)
Andrew Wells (Sigma Chi)
Justin Wesley (Theta Delta Chi)
Ryan Worley (Independent)

Class of 2005

Shay Atkinson (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Andrew Cartwright (Delta Tau Delta)
Brendan Clougherty (Theta Delta Chi)
Daniel Creasap (Beta Theta Pi)
Mark Cross (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Judd Crowgey (Delta Tau Delta)
Mark Dietzen (Theta Delta Chi)
Nathaniel Dinger (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Luke Elliott (Independent)
William Goff (Beta Theta Pi)
Darren Graber (Sigma Chi)
Ben Hewitt (Phi Kappa Psi)
Phu Hong (Beta Theta Pi)
Christopher Kaminski (Delta Tau Delta)
AJ Lyman (Phi Kappa Psi)*
Kyle McDonald (Sigma Chi)
Brock Medsker (Kappa Sigma)
Tom Reifenberg (Delta Tau Delta)
Jason Roberts (Theta Delta Chi)
Greg Schrage (Sigma Chi)
Jon Schwarz (Phi Gamma Delta)
John Serak IV (Delta Tau Delta)
Adam Songer (Phi Gamma Delta)
Aaron Stump (Phi Kappa Psi)

Class of 2004

Chris Anderson (Delta Tau Delta)
Alex Barefoot (Phi Gamma Delta)
Jesse Becerra (Beta Theta Pi)
Reese Collins (Theta Delta Chi)
Demetrian Cook (Delta Tau Delta)
Nick Dahl (Phi Gamma Delta)
Dean Fox (Phi Kappa Psi)
Stuart Johnson (Beta Theta Pi)
Eric Kroger (Sigma Chi)
Mike Lynch (Delta Tau Delta)
Mike Mack (Phi Gamma Delta)
Marc Magnussen (Sigma Chi)
John Morgan (Sigma Chi)
Josh Nicholson (Sigma Chi)
Kevin Nolan (Beta Theta Pi)
Olmy Olmstead (Sigma Chi)
Adam Pope (Phi Kappa Psi)
Tony Quandt (Delta Tau Delta)
Ben Reichner (Delta Tau Delta)
George Robinette (Phi Gamma Delta)*
Tynan Trusgnich (Beta Theta Pi)
Anthony Warren (Phi Gamma Delta)
James Weber (Tau Kappa Epsilon)
Steve White (Beta Theta Pi)

Class of 2003

John Ashton (Kappa Sigma)
Graham Bailey (Delta Tau Delta)
Mark Balawender (Kappa Sigma)
Jamie Bopp (Independent)
Nathan Boulais (Phi Delta Theta)
Seamus Boyce (Sigma Chi)
Casey Gioielli (Beta Theta Pi)
Bryan Gonzalez (Independent)
Melecio Gonzalez (Kappa Sigma)
David Hoover (Beta Theta Pi)
Reed Hoyer (Sigma Chi)
Bogdan Ianev (Lambda Chi Alpha)
Wes Ket (Phi Gamma Delta)
John Kirk (Sigma Chi)
Kris Klippel (Theta Delta Chi)
Connor Kuba (Sigma Chi)
Dan Lewis (Delta Tau Delta)
Jacob Maynard (Sigma Chi)
R. Scott Medsker (Kappa Sigma)*
Andrew Melshen (Beta Theta Pi)
Matt Mercer (Sigma Chi)
Maury Raycroft (Sigma Chi)
Nick Roersma (Theta Delta Chi)
David Rogers (Sigma Chi)
Joe Scanlon (Delta Tau Delta)
Marcus Spillson (Phi Gamma Delta)
Luke Stepleton (Beta Theta Pi)
Jay Teeters (Beta Theta Pi)
Sean Webeck (Beta Theta Pi)
Greg Woods (Beta Theta Pi)

*Past President


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