Senior Council Resolutions

April 10, 2007: On The Continuance of Freshman Pots

Whereas, The Student Body appears indecisive on the continuance of freshman pots for the class of 2011,

Whereas, the Senior Council acknowledges that changes must be made in the distribution system of freshman pots if they are to continue,

Resolved, that the Senior Council respectfully requests that the system of distribution for freshman pots be changed from sale in the campus bookstore to distribution by request to the Senior Council.


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March 20, 2007: On The Wabash Commentary

Whereas, The Wabash Commentary appears to be under alumni control,

Whereas, the Senior Council does not feel that The Wabash Commentary is under student control,

Resolved, that the Senior Council respectfully recommends to the Student Senate that it should withdraw its recognition of The Wabash Commentary.

February 6, 2007: On Dead Week

Resolved, that the Senior Council recommends that classes be cancelled on the Thursday and Friday of the week preceding finals, for reasons outlined herein.


September 25, 2006: On the Senior Bench

Resolved, that the Senior Council condemns the defacing of the Senior Bench.


September 12, 2006: On Freshman Pots

Resolved, that the Senior Council hereby makes the red-and-green pot the symbol of the Freshman Class.


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