About Us

  The International Students Association consisting of international students and internationally minded local students is dedicated to sharing the culture and representing the foreign culture on-campus. Currently, international students make up 4% of the student body, from over 30 countries. We promote an atmosphere of goodwill, international understanding, and good relations with students, administration, and the Wabash community.
In order to build up cultural diversity on campus the ISA hosts various events every year. The international dinner, held every spring, has been a key event for ISA, offering a wide range of cuisine from all around the world. Additionally, the association also acquaints interested international students with community friends of Wabash College from Crawfordsville area. The idea of community friends or host families has provided international students to learn cultures of the US and share their own culture. The association has also organized trips to various cities in the Midwest, cook-outs, picnics, international movie series, soccer tournaments, parties, seminars and talks. The great academic achievement of members is the sources of great pride in our small international community.

                               Last updated on 04/06/2007
by Rabin Paudel